To clean or not to clean, either way shake spear was a pussy

Should you hire a professional carpet cleaner or stick with DIY carpet cleaning?

This is a common question? Are you kidding me? 20 of your people sent me in this b30c8b590bfd2430f9b207bbe412b14emess of a question? should you get your carpets professionally clean, how TF should I know. It takes a professional looking at it to tell you.  Here is a a question for you; are you and extremity lazy person? Are you the typical liberal that is lazy and has everything handed to them? Or are you like me and s sit around your house any given Sunday drinking Budweiser, eating red meat and watching the football game. Pure American relaxing while your feat rest on a freshly cleaned carpet that you cleaned your self? Well too bad that I put my sweat blood and tears into cleaning that carpet myself, literally and blood happens to be the hardest thing to remove out of carpets. Especially red blooded American blood. Hoorah

Carpet CLeaningSo no I wont answer the should i do it question what I will answer is how to clean blood out of carpets, what I wont tell you is where to hide the body.

When you ask yourself how to get blood out of carpet, the key thing to remember is the sooner you act, the better. If a blood stain has time to set in on your carpet, it may become even more difficult to remove. Not to mention the cops will probably be all over your ass any minute.

  1. If the blood stain you’re trying to remove is dry, go ahead and brush it with a steel brush to loosen the stain. This action will remove the surface deposit.
  2. Mix one teaspoon of hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water.
  3. Take a clean, white cloth and dip it in the detergent solution you just mixed.
  4. Blot directly on the blood stain, repeatedly.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the stain has disappeared.

If this process does not get blood out of your carpet, follow these steps as an alternative carpet stain removal option.

  1. Mix one-half cup of warm water with one tablespoon of ammonia.
  2. Using a cloth or sponge, apply the ammonia solution directly onto the blood stain .
  3. Blot the stain until the liquid is fully absorbed.
  4. Apply a sponge dipped in cold water directly to the stain, and blot dry.

if that doesnt work, you will need to ask the mafia how to get rid of the carpet:

Till next time brothers, Cheers