Mark “The Floor Guy” Epstien

Mark “The Floor Guy” Epstien

b30c8b590bfd2430f9b207bbe412b14eMy name is not your concern unless you know me or have met me face to face. I spent the first 45 years of my life cleaning carpets and kicking ass. After 18 hour days my entire working career with out a single weekend or adventure I decided to take a break. Everybody is calling this retirement but IDGAF what everyone says I am doing me and me is floors. The only difference now is traveling I am gonna help broke countries clean their floors. Lord knows they cant afford a carpet cleaner, I am Mark the floor guy Epstein, This is America and i do what I want. Pay attention, I am about to hop this freight straight into french Canada and drop some knowledge bomb on floors and America. pssshhhhhh the french FBGM




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