DIY Carpet Stains How To

DIY Carpet Stains How To

Slowly but surely as I run into different types of stain on my travels I will use the things around me to clean them and bring the carpet back to life. It is not hard to find products around your house you can use to get most common stains out. I will prove it as I continue my travels across the world and use whatever is at my disposal. A few common stains include:

Removing Kool-Aid Stains From Carpets:  It happens to anyone with kids. Its like the kool-Aid man just busted through your wall and spit all over your house. no need to call a professional.

picQZ1XaORemoving Pet Stains From Carpet: we love them but they love to mark their territory all over your house. You think cleaning up after a dog is bad trying cleaning up the guano after a bat.

Got a unique stain? Reach out and ill let you know if I have ever cleaned it.